Hi! Welcome to Angemara! I am Teresa, the owner and designer of Angemara. I currently live in Taiwan but I grew up in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Growing up, I was lucky to live in a house with two big yards filled with gardens of beautiful flowers of all kinds. Seeing the colorful array of flowers in my garden made me smile and appreciate the beauty of mother nature.
I love creativity. I have made all kinds of crafts but I was inspired to somehow incorporate my love of flowers into my artwork. That is how Angemara was born. Angemara is named after my wonderful twin girls, Angela and Tamara. Angemara is about preserving the beauty of nature into something that can be used and admired every day, while putting a smile on your face.
Each of my products are carefully handcrafted and made with loads of love. I am proud of the quality of my products and the efforts I’ve put into creating these unique keepsakes. All the products are not only perfect gifts for that special someone, but they are also suitable for any occasions.
If you have any questions regarding any of the products, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for supporting my dream and passion for sharing my creativity with the world. I hope that my floral artwork will bring you much joy and put a smile on your face.

Teresa Chang
Owner, Maker, Designer
Recipient of the Aube Preserved Flower Academy Diploma from Japan